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Octavio Chaidez has an undeniable drive to give his clients the best defense possible and he dogmatically provides it. He has an unquenchable thirst for justice and nothing and no one can deter him from his pursuit of it. He is a man of character, a man of integrity and dignity. He is compassionate and patient and he brought all these personal qualities to the table in his handling of my grandson's case. Octavio Chaidez is not merely a "good" criminal defense attorney. Octavio Chaidez is an "Excellent" Criminal Defense Attorney. We are honored to have met him and we thank him for his hard work and untiring efforts on our behalf.

S Smith & Family

“Mr. Octavio Chaidez was a great attorney. He was there from the beginning to the end. He told me what I had to do from day 1 and how far we had to take it to win my case. I went from having a GBI felony to having my case dismissed. All in all Mr. Chaidez was like a big brother looking after me and protecting me. I will recommend his services 110% and he will continue to be my attorney for life.

Thank you Mr. Chaidez. It was an honor having you be my attorney.”

L. C.

Octavio Chaidez assisted one of my immediate family members with a criminal matter. We were very satisfied with the results achieved. I am so grateful for his expertise, and most of all with his attention to the case and putting our minds at ease.

M. S.

Thank you for taking care of our issues. You went above and beyond our expectations. I really appreciate how well you handled this matter.

R. G.

Octavio is a man of deep integrity. His knowledge of law is truly impressive and he is the only defense attorney I would trust with my family’s future.

C. R.

I want to thank you for your GENUINE CONCERN for my son. You are indeed a very gracious gentleman. We need more compassionate attorneys like you. You did a wonderful job. He will be a better person from all this. I’m sure of it.

R. K.

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